Build Your Audience

On Mediafits Masterclass, you will have access to hundreds of students who are eager to learn from you. In order to get a head start and stand out from the competition, it's important to drive some of your own success, as well. Don't worry, you don't have to think about marketing just yet, but once you’re close to publishing your course, you'll have lots of resources to look at to help you build an audience.

Step 1: Write your Course Landing Page.

Whether students find your course through organic search, Mediafits Masterclass promotions, or through your own marketing efforts, they'll eventually land on your Course Landing Page (CLP). This is where students decide whether your course is worth enrolling in by reviewing your title, course description, preview lectures, and more.

Step 2: Pick a course price and join Mediafits Masterclass promotions.

Your course can be free or paid between ₦1,000-₦20,000 (prices outside of Nigeria may be adapted to the local markets). You can also decide whether you want to opt in to Mediafits Masterclass promotions, where Mediafits Masterclass will invest in marketing your course to our 15 thousand students worldwide.

Step 3: Build social proof.

To gain momentum for your course once it's first published, you'll need to get social proof. This means earning a couple dozen (paid) enrollments and a few honest reviews. To develop this social proof, you can share your course with friends and family and with your social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), or on other online forums related to your topic.

Step 4: Expand to other channels and grow your audience.

Once you have established yourself as a Mediafits Masterclass instructor, you can start building up a business outside of Mediafits Masterclass and driving your own traffic to your course. In order to do that you might start building up a YouTube channel or email list to expand your audience beyond Mediafits Masterclass students and drive more awareness of your course.


How does the revenue share work?

When Mediafits Masterclass drives students to your course, you share the revenue 50/50. When a student purchases the course from an instructor coupon (which you the instructor create and control), you retain 80% of the revenue (less a 3% payment processing fee, 4% in China & Japan). If you’re opted in to any of our marketing programs, your revenue share can range from 25% to 50%.

What’s the earning potential of the typical instructor?

This highly depends on your course topic and the potential audience volume. Before you decide what to teach, you should do some research around how many potential buyers your topic has as well as how much competition there is.

How will I get paid?

Mediafits Masterclass pays instructors through Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) or PayPal or Payoneer for those outside Nigeria. Payments from PayPal are delivered directly to your PayPal account, which can in turn, be transferred to your bank account. Payoneer payments can be delivered to your local bank account or to a prepaid MasterCard®.

How does Mediafits Masterclass market my course?

One of the biggest benefits of putting your course on Mediafits Masterclass is exposing your course to millions of students worldwide. If you opt in to Mediafits Masterclass Promotions, Mediafits Masterclass will invest in promoting your course to these students via our marketing promotions. These programs allow Mediafits Masterclass to offer your course at a discount to current Mediafits Masterclass students, to affiliates, and to social media audiences via paid advertising. You can always opt out of Mediafits Masterclass promotions and drive your own traffic to your course to keep 80% of the revenue (less a 3% payment processing fee, 4% in China & Japan).